Affirmation Saves

“Affirmation Saves,” says Jesus. To go forward with our eyes wide open, and our minds and hearts too, is the true way. The world in which we live is a dangerous place. Everywhere forces antagonistic to life demonstrate their presence. Viruses and bacteria dwell in our environment, ready to take advantage of any weaknesses in us. Natural cataclysms and man-made wars threaten our existence. Industrial pollutants fill the air we must breathe. And in the middle of all these hazards, Jesus, the God-Man says to us, “Tis I; Be not afraid”. To allow ourselves to sink into fear and negativity is not the way to improve the quality of our lives. Life is not a mere material phenomenon; it is a manifestation of spiritual power, and such power proves its presence, not in counsels of despair, but in acts of courage and initiative.

Eugene Halliday, Through the Bible, Book 2, pages 172-173

The Trinity

For millennia religious thinkers and philosophers have wrestled with the idea of God – is God One, Two, Three, or Many? Of the Trinity, Eugene Halliday said, not to confuse the persons, not to divide the substance. See, for example, pages 9-10 in the Halliday Review, Summer 1998.

Today’s “In Our Time” with Melvyn Bragg, is a fascinating discussion of the history of the concept of the Trinity in Christianity, including its relation with the concept of God in Islam and Judaism.

Metamorphosis – the Science of Change

This is worth a watch –

Metamorphosis seems like the ultimate evolutionary magic trick – the amazing transformation of one creature into a totally different being: one life, two bodies.

From Ovid to Kafka to X-Men, tales of metamorphosis richly permeate human culture. The myth of transformation is so common that it seems almost pre-programmed into our imagination. But is the scientific fact of metamorphosis just as strange as fiction or… even stranger?

Filmmaker David Malone explores the science behind metamorphosis. How does it happen and why? And might it even, in some way, happen to us?

SCIENTISTS- are you religious, an atheist or somewhere in between?

Can you help Donna Kean with her research? She posted this message on the Eugene Halliday Society LinkedIn Group. She writes:

SCIENTISTS- are you religious, an atheist or somewhere in between?

I am researching cognition in religion and need as many scientists with a PhD (or equivalent) to complete this questionnaire so we can understand just how religious scientists are able to juggle these issues. Your participation will be much appreciated!

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