Institute for the Study of Hierological Values (Ishval), a charity founded by Eugene Halliday together with Fred and Yvonne Freeman, David and Zero Mahlowe, during the 1960s. After the death of Eugene Halliday, and later of David Mahlowe and Fred Freeman,  the charity continued under the working names ‘Eugene Halliday Society’, and ‘Ishval’, but with the official name “Eugene Halliday Institute for the Study of Hierological Values”.  This Registered Charity No.: 251136 was brought to an orderly close in July 2015.

During the close-down period of Ishval, the not-for-profit Eugene Halliday Association was founded and brought up alongside, to continue the work of Ishval with a simplified administration and reformulated Constitution.

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If you would like to join the Eugene Halliday Association, please email us from the Contact page with your name and address, and we will send you an application form. We will be delighted if you would like to join to help support the work of the Society in Association making Eugene Halliday’s work more widely available and known; as a Member, you will be entitled to vote on important issues, and will receive the Halliday Review magazine.

A new website for the Eugene Halliday Association—EHA—is under construction and will be available soon.