Eugene Halliday was a prolific author, of books, essays, magazine articles, letters. Here you can find introductions and links to some of his work.

For the online Archive of Halliday’s work, follow this link. Here you will find free downloads of his written and spoken work.

You can also buy his limited edition hard-back books through the Melchisedec Press. These hardback books (known as “The Blue Books”) were published after Eugene’s death, by his Literary Executor David Mahlowe. However, they are not his complete published oeuvre. More of his work can be found on the Archive website. Shorter pieces, including many not published elsewhere, can be found in the Halliday Review.

Books by Eugene Halliday –

Published in hardback by Melchisedec Press

Defence of the Devil                                                 1-872240-00-3

Reflexive Self-Consciousness                                  1-872240-01-1

The Tacit Conspiracy                                                 1-872240-02-X

Contributions from a Potential Corpse

Book I                                                                          1-872240-03-8

Book II                                                                         1-872240-04-6

Book III                                                                         1-872240-06-2

Book IV                                                                        1-872240-07-0

The Conquest of Anxiety                                             1-872240-09-7

Essays on God                                                           1-872240-08-9

Through the Bible

Book I                                                                          1-872240-10-0

Book II                                                                         1-872240-13-5

Book III                                                                        1-872240-14-3

Book IV                                                                        1-872240-15-1

Christian Philosophy

Book I                                                                          1-872240-16-X

Book II                                                                         1-872240-17-8

Top-Economy, or Whole-Group Good, by Eugene Halliday and Fred Freeman                                                                     1-872240-12-7