Writing about Eugene Halliday, is not an easy undertaking. I am not the only person to have found this (see comments on the discussion forum). I have already made attempts to write about Eugene Halliday, and so far I don’t feel I have been very successful. I would like to write something, particularly for those who will be interested in and benefit from Eugene’s work, but who never met him. Because I knew Eugene, it is difficult to be objective and easy to slip into embroidered opinion. On the other hand, if I try to be objective, the result can be rather stilted. On this website, I will attempt to produce something which is both objective, and also incorporates my own and others’ opinion, while being clear about which is which.

My opinion is that Eugene Halliday was a highly developed person, with what I could describe as a magnetic personality. People were attracted to him, I feel, because of his personality, his knowledge, the way he taught, and the way he enabled those he knew to develop their own potentialities and to live their lives more effectively. As far as I could see, he did not attempt to publicise himself or his work, he just got on with it, and people were drawn to him because of the person he was, and through the word-of-mouth of those who knew him. I hope to be able to produce an introduction to give an impression of the person behind the work which you can see in the Halliday Archive.

Hephzibah Yohannan