Melchisedec Press – Eugene Halliday’s publisher, founded by David Mahlowe in the 1990s, revived in 2015. The site gives details of Halliday’s published works and related works, and how to buy them.

Eugene Halliday Archive – Ishval – Audio and written material, and artwork, produced by Eugene Halliday during the period dating from the formation of Ishval in 1966, up until his death in 1987; plus earlier material; including most of his collected published works.

Eugene Halliday Archive – Liverpool – Audio material produced by Eugene Halliday during the 1950s and 1960s, recorded at the home of Khen and Bhar Ratcliffe in Liverpool.

Eugene Halliday Transcript Site – A resource site for Halliday’s work, containing transcripts of his audio lectures, and links to his archive material. Please note, the transcripts are the work of Halliday’s students from his recorded lectures, and are not Halliday’s lecture notes, as his lectures were extempore. You are invited to help with the work on the transcripts.

Eugene Halliday Association – a not-for-profit organisation formed in 2015 to continue the work of the Eugene Halliday Society, with a simplified structure and revised constitution. The website contains information on the EHA, news and events calendar. (The Eugene Halliday Society, also known as Ishval, was a charity founded in the mid 1960s by Eugene Halliday with the support of Fred and Yvonne Freeman, and David and Zero Mahlowe. Original and official name, Eugene Halliday Institute for the Study of Hierological Values. In 2015 the organisation ceased to operate as a charity, its work being continued by the Eugene Halliday Association.)

I.H.S. – the International Hermeneutic Society, a Study and Meditation Centre in North Wales, UK. Founded by Eugene Halliday together with Khen Ratcliffe, in the 1950s.

Fred Freeman – philanthropist, businessman, friend and student of Eugene Halliday; sponsor, with his wife Yvonne, of Ishval. Archive of writings by Eugene Halliday and Fred Freeman; video.

John Zaradin, guitarist and composer, friend and student of Eugene Halliday

Eugene Halliday – entry on Wikipedia; introduction to Halliday and his work; incomplete entry – a work in progress.

Nirvana Essence Yoga – website of Yoga Teachers Pam and Gordon Smith, students of Eugene Halliday.

The Yoga Centre, Oswestry – website of Yoga Teachers Lynne and Richard Samuel Perry, students of Eugene Halliday.

Halliday Yahoo Group – Eugene Halliday Group on Yahoo

Introduction to Eugene Halliday – on the Melbourne Yoga website

Concordance of Halliday’s work, on the Melbourne Yoga website.

Eugene Halliday Association Page on Facebook.